Nov/Dec – Alana Dimou

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Curated by Banchō is our local emerging artists program in 2021, supported by City of Sydney. See the program overview here

After a little 2021 pause, we’re delighted to be back in November with our featured artist: Sydney local and food, lifestyle & travel photographer Alana Dimou.




Alana Dimou is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer from Sydney who learned to take photos by documenting her home cooking. She is guided by the energy of her surrounds when travelling, deftly illustrating the scale and nuances of the cities she visits. Alana’s affectionate approach of gentle observations combined with her bold and colourful editorial style has seen her photos appear across local and international publications with clients including Tourism Australia and The New York Times.

IG: @alanadimou



In Tokyo there is a restaurant that serves only one dish – though specialty stores like this are not uncommon – a piece of fried pork served with cabbage, rice and pickles. Patrons order, enjoy, then vacate their seats swiftly for others who have been waiting in line. In another expeditious exercise, a small standing bar in Ebisu serves wine by the glass for those on their way home, or not, for a maximum miscellany of six.


Delicately balancing time and speed, train drivers place their white gloved hands on the lever. Trains roll by waiting pedestrians every few minutes, intersecting across a complex network above and below street level. Boxy yet lustrous taxis are omnipresent too.


Along the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto’s springtime, a drinks vending machine is set beside a small shrine through green leaves. Convenience stores are open late, even in small towns, and their shelves create impeccable grids of everything you want to buy. In the aftermath, crushed packets and cans appear more artful than expected. Pieces of fruit for sale are wrapped gently and individually.


While looking to the sky, bars, restaurants, karaoke spaces and more are stacked multiple floors high. Before their neon signs illuminate Shibuya, they form silhouettes as the sun sets.


Originally taken to accompany a travel book, these images are a collection of photographs from Alana’s travels to Japan. However, due to 2020 the project has been postponed.


Curated by Banchō presents Alana Dimou’s ‘Ultraconvenience‘ exhibition from 16 November to 23 December 2021. 

All images are printed on museum grade paper with archival ink and are framed beneath high quality non-reflective glass. Please send purchase enquiries to Curated by Banchō Project Manager Tina Wing Kee via

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Curated by Banchō