Regularly-rotating cocktails using fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from the nearby markets to create deliciously unique, seasonal produce-driven drinks


Peach Royale 18

Applejack, prosecco, peach and ginger puree, yuzu, Peychaud’s bitters Ripe white peaches refreshingly paired with apple brandy

Strawberry Hills 18

Bati white rum, grapefruit, lime, strawberry puree, coconut cream Strawberries and cream, with a coconut twist!

Melon Grass Fizz 18

Vodka, watermelon and lemongrass syrup, soda Watermelon + lemongrass = melon grass

Fig Jam 18

Gin, Amaro Okar, fig jam, orgeat, lemon In-season figs add fruity, floral notes to this variation of a classic Army & Navy cocktail

Passion Flower 17

Aperol, passionfruit, lemon, soda, egg white Soft and fruity – the ttropics via a champagne flute!

Fiji Banana 22

Bati spiced rum, banana liqueur, pineapple, lime, nutmeg, Gosling’s rum A tiki-style cocktail that’s seriously lit..!

Rush Hour 20

Connemara peated Irish whiskey, Dom Benedictine, honey water, lemon Chill out from the day with this smoky whiskey cocktail

Dragon’s Breath 19

Dragonfruit-infused gin, shochu, raspberry, lemon, basil seeds Red dragonfruit, also known as pitaya, is a mildly sweet tropical fruit with a fantastic pink hue


Fragrant aperitif style cocktails that are ideal for pre-meal: lower in alcohol by volume (ABV) but big on taste and fun


Kansai Iced Tea 16

Dry sake, lemon and ginger oolong tea, and a yuzu, orange and honey shrub

Eastside Maiden 17

Umeshu Japanese plum wine, cucumber, shiso syrup, lime

Tropic Calling 17

Dry sherry, gin, passionfruit, lemon, orange bitters

Sakura Martini 18

Roku Gin, dry sake, sakura cherry blossom syrup, salted sakura cherry blossom


Citrus and fruit-based cocktails, balanced with fun and classic touches


Asam Boy 23

Toki blended whisky, all spice dram, pineapple, salted plum, lime, kaffir lime leaf Salty, sour preserved plums – in a cocktail!

Café da Bati 20

Bati dark rum, coffee, sweetened condensed milk, macadamia and coffee liqueurs, egg yolk Rich, creamy, nutty Vietnamese-style coffee cocktail

Hong Kong Sour 19
Rye whiskey, lemon, five spice red wine reduction

Lychee Blossom 19

Gin, lychee and rose jam, lychee liqueur, lemon

Bermuda Treacle 19

Bati dark rum, Lillet Blanc, falernum syrup, orange and Angostura bitters

Beetnik 22
Rye whiskey, Punt e Mes vermouth, beetroot & raspberry shrub, chocolate bitters, smoke

Matcha Chocolate Negroni
21 Roku Gin, Lillet Blanc, Suze aperitif, matcha green tea, crème de cacao

Whisky Whaler 25

Nikka From the Barrel whisky, Hennessy VS cognac, Punt e Mes vermouth, honey water, bitters


A refreshing mix of your whisky/whiskey of choice, soda water and your choice of a tailored flavour addition


Lemon & soda – classic and refreshing Apple, ginger & soda – fruity and spicy Lychee, lime & soda – floral and fragrant


JAPANESE Toki blended whisky 14

SCOTCH Auchentoshan American Oak 14

AMERICAN Maker’s Mark Bourbon 13

CANADIAN Canadian Club 8 year old 13

IRISH Connemara Peated Irish whiskey 15 AUSTRALIAN Starward Two-Fold Double Grain 14


Shochu with Calpis 12

Sake with Calpis 12

Hennessy VS Cognac with green tea 14