May – Angela Tam & Rowland Reyes Martinez

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Curated by Banchō is our local emerging artists program in 2021, supported by City of Sydney. See the program overview here

We’re excited to announce our May artists: Sydney locals Angela Tam and Rowland Reyes Martinez and their joint exhibition, “Into The Storm”.



Angela Tam is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Sydney. An innately spiritual and meditative practice guides her to create pieces that transcend perceived limits of the psyche. She approaches her work with presence, intuition and curiosity.

Angela’s art practice is a means to understand and explore the infinite possibilities of creative expression, documenting observations of her internal and external landscape. The work therefore speaks through her unique perspective, with mark-making and composition mapping these discoveries from an intangible realm.

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IG: @byangelatam


Rowland Reyes Martinez is a Sydney based artist who creates with an inter-disciplinary approach, with means to express his story and understanding of perspective. He moves across a canvas, painting in a manner that speaks to the improvisational qualities of jazz. Rowland takes influence from the techniques of Surrealist teachings and the observational foundations of street photography to produce pieces that are both dynamic and vivid in colour.

Like the permanence of exposures caught on film, Rowland exerts onto canvas a fearlessness in vulnerability; unveiling his truth that lies within the frame.

IG: @wa____sei



With no direction. No sense of time.
In motion like the wind that moves the state of one’s soul with eloquence.

Watching as a mirror casts its projection onto the infinity of time.
With arms reaching like mighty hands across the sky above.
Something inside, calls for this change in direction.
Not to move against but to move with.

“The person that comes out from the storm will not be the same person who walked in.” – Haruki Murakami


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Curated by Banchō