Feb/Mar – Sonya Gonzales

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Curated by Banchō is our local emerging artists program in 2021, supported by City of Sydney. See the program overview here

We’re excited to launch our inaugural arts program this February with one of our own! Introducing, Sonya Gonzalez.



Sonya Gonzalez is a Sydney-based mixed medium artist with Filipino, Cuban and Japanese heritage. Painting from an early age, her first art exhibition was as an 11-year-old primary school student in Sydney’s north.

Her art is driven by personal emotions so a few years ago after a family tragedy, Sonya stopped painting as the deep darkness that was channelled into her art was a painful reminder.

Having overcome the trauma and years of self-doubt, Sonya’s new work reflects change, growth and happiness today.



Part installation, part live self portrait paintings, Sonya’s exhibition for Curated by Banchō shares her journey of growth through sight, sound and taste of the four seasons.

  • Winter starts with deep, dark emotions; cold and unsure. Paper cranes flock to clouds and snow – a winter wonderland for them. For me, darkness and uncertainty.
  • An autumn day in Japan. An owl sitting, looking over a leaf-littered river. Letting go. Grief. Adjusting.
  • The blossoming beauty of spring, representing new beginnings; a newfound confidence.
  • And finally, a hot summer’s day in the country. Creatures coming out of hiding to enjoy the sun’s rays. Happiness and warmth.


For an all-round immersion into the exhibit, we’ll be featuring a cocktail to match each week’s theme and mood. “When enjoying the cocktail, I ask you to look at the season’s installation and related painting, close your eyes and embrace the feeling,” says Sonya.

Installations and art works will be available for purchase. Please send expressions of interest to Project Manager Tina Wing Kee via curated@banchobar.com.au

Curated by Banchō