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Curated by Banchō is our local emerging artists program in 2021, supported by City of Sydney. See the program overview here

Speaking for the Gen Ys here at Banchō, we’re super super super(!) excited to announce our April artist (who we had to reschedule from early last year): the uniquely talented Amelia Coombs and her ‘Reel-to-Real’ exhibition.



Originally from the United Kingdom, designer and hobby artist Amelia Coombs is now based in Australia.

While working in the renewable energy industry, she started using new mediums in her art and experimenting with reusing and repurposing materials. After discovering the technique of using cassette tape to depict people, she made her first piece as a gift – a Jimi Hendrix portrait for her partner.

Word got around and Amelia has exhibited in the UK and in a Shanghai shopping mall. She has been creating bespoke pieces from music and video cassette tapes for individuals, exhibitions and brands for more than five years.

Find her on Insta @cassettetapereshape



Playing on ‘reel-to-reel’ technology which gave rise to cassettes and VHS tapes, tapes come back to life with bespoke pieces created for ‘Curated by Banchō’. From flea markets, second-hand stores and old collections come three classic film features for the ages, championing Asian culture, as well as iconic musicians  representing a love for a diversity of musical genres.

This is Amelia Coombs’ first exhibition in Australia, running from 5-30 April 2022 Tuesdays to Saturdays at Banchō.



Please send purchase enquiries to Curated by Banchō Project Manager Tina Wing Kee via curated@banchobar.com.au

Curated by Banchō